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Kenny Ma recreates an era with his intricate jewelry collection when details were Paramount. His century inspired pieces are favorites among both celebrities and designers.

Each piece is hand set and intricately crafted in his design studio, which also provides a lifetime guarantee.  Although, pieces have been mimicked to resemble a Kenny Ma design, they can never duplicate the caliber of quality that Kenny Ma insists upon. Before releasing a design from the studio it must meet the high standards of true art.

With over 30 years of design experience Kenny Ma cuts no corners when it comes to introducing his collections.  Each season, he meets with Swarovski to assess quality and determine upcoming color trends before he implements them into his designs.  Furthermore, there is the embracement of his vision from the European Market.  Royal bridal parties, beauty pageants and high-end retailers are constantly calling to him for merchandise.

Even with his impressive worldwide distribution Kenny Ma continues to cater to his boutique clientele by custom creating for each store thereby maintaining a standard of quality rather than mass producing.

Kenny Ma has always admired the timeless classic elegance of Audrey Hepburn, but his mother is his true inspiration.  She is responsible for his cultivation and interest in art, antiques and collectibles.  The proof is found in his masterpiece designs.